A downloadable game for Windows

Golf: Become Human is a golf/adventure game where you play as a human turned golfball trying to complete trials to earn your humanity. 

Install instructions

Download zip file, extract content to desired location, open folder and run .exe file.


GBH.zip 395 MB


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I keep crashing if I click before the ball puts out green sparks. Other than that I really like it, though please try to fix that.


Wow, this was an unexpectedly delightful game. It's golf, but it's not, and that's *weird*, but great.

You should upload screenshots, expand on the description, and show off the gameplay—more people should see and play this. 

I wrote about your game on my site here! https://www.themissingquests.com/27/golf-become-human


Hello and thank you for your review, Alex! We posted this game here for the most part for availability, so we didn't think it would have people visit a lot. I'll get to adding some features to the page soon!


Thank you for your great review of our game! It's very nice to get recognition for all our hard work on this project :) 

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THIS! freegameplanet.com sold it to me with those screenshots